Syncro Multieyes (SME) gives dual functions to the direction indicator circuit in combination with a vehicle CB Radios, Scanners and Accessoriesmonitoring system of cameras and monitor, avoiding the need to have additional switches and eliminating potential distractions

A five or seven inch high quality monitor is mounted in or on the dashboard. A miniature camera is installed close to the right mirror and one close to the left mirror. These cameras are set in such a way that the monitor can display a total view of the right and left side of the vehicle, including blind spots.
You can also chose to use a rear camera, and/or front camera.  That view (front or back) will be displayed when you switch on SME.

The absolute essence of SME is the use of the direction indicator by controlling the left and right cameras in two different ways.

  • A quick toggling of the direction indicator, to the left or right activates the left or right camera.
  • You get a COMPLETE WIDE-ANGLE VIEW of the left or right side of the vehicle.
  • You can set the amount of time for this side display between 2 and 10 seconds.
  • Your INDICATOR LIGHTS will NOT be activated during this process.
  • When you don’t toggle your indicator, lights will go on within the legal time limit.
  • Using this method, the front, sides (and rear) of your vehicle can be checked as often as you wish WITHOUT switching on the indicator lights.
  • When the indicator lights are operating, safety is assured because the monitor will continue to display the chosen side view. When the vehicle’s direction indicator returns to the middle position, after completing a turn, the monitor will revert to the preset view.CB Radios, Scanners and Accessories
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