SYNCRO’S Radio Communication Systems for Retail and Catering industry , Medical Services ,Telemetry and Security. ( Supermarkets, hardware stores, hospitals , clinics, restaurants , security, tour guides and telemetry )

Syncro was founded in 1965 by the present owner Jos Hahn, who is a well known Radio Frequency Design Engineer. Syncro is in Australia and the Netherlands.

Syncro can design anything if is comes to radio and telemetry systems..

The R&D sector is in Palmwoods Queensland.

Tel 61 (07) 54788663 .   www

A )    Mini Radios for private communication between staff members             Syncro  SV 5

  State of the art mini two way radio.   The SV 5 has a display showing    Channel No , battery capacity and Volume Level.

     It is used for private communications between staff members , nurses etc.

   The SV 5 uses an earpiece with mirophone plugged into the radio via a superior Hirose connector.

Advantages of the SV 5 :

Direct contact between staff or security officers.

No delay’s , no ongoing costs for communication.

Proven increased productivity and efficiency of staff.

Specifications  SV 5 :

Output 1.2 Watt

Built in aerial

Battery 3.7 Volt 1300mA rechargeable

Frequency 400-490 MHz ( AU + NZ 476-477 MHz )

99 channels capacity.

Price : contact Syncro.

There are 4 different ear pieces .

There are 2 chargers available .

  1. Six way charger.
  2. Single charger.

Power Supplies for Six way charger

Power supply for single charger.

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