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By installing service columns (see photos) on unmanned locations, a customer

can request assistance by simply pushing the switch in the column.

The spoken word is by far the fastest means of communication a spoken message

will be transmitted to the staff radios.

A few examples of these messages are: Attention, customer at the deep freeze department, or customer at the camping department. Assistance needed at lift floor or delivery door, etc. There are unlimited locations.

The message will be repeated until staff switches it off (interval normally 20 seconds).

The message can be recorded inside the column in a very simple way.

The device works on the same frequency as the staffs.  For this reason, we advise keeping the message as short as possible, for example:  camping department, delivery door, freezer department etc.

In the case that there are many columns installed we advise you use another system with a mother unit.

The advantages of the SSA (Syncro Shop Assistance system ) are obvious, when  a staff member is occupied with another task , he will be called by the column customer. This customer is now served more quickly.

The columns are made in Queensland and are exported to four continents.

If your company would like to put the column electronics into another case, this can be easily done

Obviously, the columns will be made with your company logo’s, personalizing the device.


Syncro is a global leader in remote control systems with more than 50 years’ experience          Small or Big.

We manufacture small devices to make contact between a security officer and a cashier.

This security officer receives a pre-recorded message from the cashier experiencing a problem.

We might have what you need or want in stock, if not, we will make it within 2 weeks.

Our SV 5 radios can be part of this as security people can work on another channel.

If a staff member sees a shoplifter, he/she can go to that channel and inform an officer.

Holiday resort cabins are using a similar system using an emergency button to alert the resort staff. 


Syncro can design any device in the field of transmitting data over short or long distances.

Contact Syncro to discuss your product.


Syncro manufacturers small devices for restaurants to set on tables to allow guests to call the waiter.

A SV 5 radio is used by the waiter.

When activated the waiter receives the number of the table needing assistance.

It sounds like:   Attention: Table 5.

There are 3 different models. Two are with the repeat message function.


Syncro supplies the SV 5 radio without the transmit function, which only receives.

There are 3 different radio sets for the tour guide.

Contact Syncro for more info.

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